Shepherding a Child’s Heart Conference

On May 4th and 5th Mario and I were so happy to be able to attend the Shepherding a Child’s Heart Conference in Santa Ana.  Tedd Tripp was the one and only speaker, blessing us with 5 sessions through out the conference.  It’s amazing to us as we have sat through his videos probably 25 or so times, that we can still be inspired and encouraged at his conference.  Tedd Tripp speaks Bible and our hearts resinate with the Truth.  His passion for God and his right and awesome perspective of the true and living God is something that we all need to hear on a regular basis.  As we walked away, we were once again prompted to focus on bringing our children, even as they are adults, the right perception of our God as He is a consuming fire.  But in His compassion and mercy, He allowed His perfect and precious Son to go to the cross for the forgiveness of our sins and for our reconciliation.  We will never be too old to hear this blessed truth!

Our sincere thanks to Dr. Tedd Tripp, for his endless hours of ministry to Christian parents, for the purpose of building a legacy of Christianity into generations to come!  We are grateful and appreciative of his ministry, which is the foundation of Training Hearts for Jesus.

Sharon Cannavo

What Does Summer Mean to You?

As administrator for Cornerstone Community School school, I spend the school months being driven by the demands of a schedule and the needs of the hearts of the families involved with our school. I praise the Lord for such a gift of ministry and am awestruck that He would consider me for the job, but by June I am drained from the pouring out of myself to my husband, my children and to the school. As I consider my days of summer, I feel like a child as my impatience and enthusiasm for those freer days begins to build. Only, unlike my childhood, my refreshing and excitement comes, not necessarily from a swim in the ocean, but from my rebuilding in God’s Word. The gift of being able to sit by the seashore with my Bible, devotionals and yes, my inspirational Christian fiction :0), is exactly what the Lord uses to give me that “be still” rest and that cool drink from the water of Life. Only because of these slower, more Christ-filled days, am I ready to push up my sleeves and dig into another year of ministry building little people into Christian leaders for the future. All for the glory of our King!

What about you? What does summer mean to you?

Sharon Cannavo

Celebration with Confirmation

Mario and I, along with Devin and Judy Doherty, would like to take this time to join you in spirit as you celebrate the events of this weekend.

We pray through this day that is called Good Friday, and are tempted to feel guilty or sad for being the cause of our Jesus hanging on a cross and suffering our punishment. As Christians, we must not give into the condemnation. We must rejoice in God’s perfect and merciful plan to offer us forgiveness for sins and the ability to be saved through Christ’s complete work on that cross. God is pleased (Col.1:19) and Christ was willing (1 John 3:16), and so we have every reason to rejoice! Doing otherwise would be placing our reasoning and logic above God’s, and would not glorify Him. That is AMAZING! The agape love of God for us is AMAZING! We have a hard time reconciling it, but God tells us to come like a child, with the same innocent trust and confidence of a child (Mk.10:15). He tells us there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus (Rom. 8:1)!

Then on Sunday, we celebrate with fresh eyes and open hearts, as we allow the truth of the rising of our Savior to be as new and relevant as if it is the first announcement of this event! So, we say to you all, may you have a blessed Good Friday and a very joy-filled Easter!

Together we thank God that the largest part of the purpose and vision of Training Hearts for Jesus ministry is to bring up a new generation to know and understand these truths in the very deepest part of their hearts. That they, who may be redeemed, will be purified for Him, a people for His own possession who will be zealous for good works (Titus 2:14), and without the work of Christ, which we truly celebrate this day and the days to follow, are our only hope for this purification and possession to occur, both for us and our children. Praise the Lord!!
God is good and everything He does is good!!

In that, we rejoice with you in our Jesus,
Mario and Sharon Cannavo and Devin and Judy Doherty

Let’s Chat!

Being a parent can certainly bring some challenges, but it is also such a joy!  I invite you to join me on this blog and let’s chat about both the joys and the challenges.  Let’s discover what God’s Word says about our parenting and be encouraged and edified as we journey through our years of parenting.  I hope you will be further inspired to glorify God in your parenting, as we train hearts for Jesus!  ~Sharon Cannavo

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