Exciting News from Regina Jones and Training Hearts for Jesus!

As the Lord moves in Zimbabwe, and Regina Jones is used in such a mighty way, please pray for her!  Her faithful work is making a huge difference in the lives of a nation!!

From Regina Jones to Sharon Cannavo November 15 at 8:58am Report

Ok, well I have some exciting news and I just can’t wait to tell you so I am going to give you a short update…

There is an organization here (Zimbabwe) called Ladies of Purpose. And they are Christians from all over Harare (over 200 ladies from many different churches) and they have asked me to come do a TWO DAY introduction to Training Hearts so that they can share about the classes with their church!

Then, One of the ladies from that group that HASN’T even taken the class yet– only heard about it– called me for a meeting and we chatted. She shared with me that she is taking her children (2 kids aged 6 and 11) out of a local private christian school and homeschooling them. She is taking the teacher training for ACE (AMERICAN CHRISTIAN EDUCATION program) so that she can teach her children herself so that she can ensure that her kids are being taught around Christian morals… and her husband (who is a pastor) said “I think that you should open the program up to other kids”– this is quite a common program used here. And she is opening her own home school. She is the only teacher so she has to start this first term with only 10 students, but she’s very excited.

She’s a social worker and has been working at “Childline” an organization that runs a helpline for child abuse. She wants her school to have a counseling component but also wants to take the class and only accept students whose families have participated in Training Hearts!!!

So many exciting things have happened!
THEN, the lady who wants to start the homeschool, who works at Childline set up a meeting with the director of the organization today. Childline is not a Christian organization and the director is NOT a christian but she asked me to teach her about the curriculum and she afterwards (2 hours into it with all the questions) she asked me to consider TRAINING all of their volunteers… the people who answer the crisis line AND the community volunteers who investigate the reports of abuse!
(66 comm vols) and (100 helpline vols)

This organization got 26,000 calls last month and investigates all abuse cases because social welfare has no money, resources or a desire to help.
I am so excited to hear your thoughts about this… but the director felt that if the volunteers are trained in this course they can offer support and encouragement from a place of Biblical knowledge for the families they are involved with and that eventually as this training reaches more and more of the communities it will serve as CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION!!!!
I was so encouraged to hear the interest that a nonchristian heading a nonchristian organization would have in Training Hearts!!

I just wanted to send you the news, in case you were needing a little encouragement today!!

Love you!

PS… they also want to qualify the date and study the effects this training has on the communities so that in the future we could get grant funding to teach it to MORE and MORE families! What do you think???

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