Regina Jones: Oct. Update

Regina Jones, Missionary to Zimbabwe has utilized the Training Hearts for Jesus curriculum in so many productive and fruitful venues.  Read about how this class is making a difference in Zimbabwe:

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Refuge Newsletter OCTOBER 2011

Regina Jones Sept. Update

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Exciting News from Regina Jones and Training Hearts for Jesus!

As the Lord moves in Zimbabwe, and Regina Jones is used in such a mighty way, please pray for her!  Her faithful work is making a huge difference in the lives of a nation!!

From Regina Jones to Sharon Cannavo November 15 at 8:58am Report

Ok, well I have some exciting news and I just can’t wait to tell you so I am going to give you a short update…

There is an organization here (Zimbabwe) called Ladies of Purpose. And they are Christians from all over Harare (over 200 ladies from many different churches) and they have asked me to come do a TWO DAY introduction to Training Hearts so that they can share about the classes with their church!

Then, One of the ladies from that group that HASN’T even taken the class yet– only heard about it– called me for a meeting and we chatted. She shared with me that she is taking her children (2 kids aged 6 and 11) out of a local private christian school and homeschooling them. She is taking the teacher training for ACE (AMERICAN CHRISTIAN EDUCATION program) so that she can teach her children herself so that she can ensure that her kids are being taught around Christian morals… and her husband (who is a pastor) said “I think that you should open the program up to other kids”– this is quite a common program used here. And she is opening her own home school. She is the only teacher so she has to start this first term with only 10 students, but she’s very excited.

She’s a social worker and has been working at “Childline” an organization that runs a helpline for child abuse. She wants her school to have a counseling component but also wants to take the class and only accept students whose families have participated in Training Hearts!!!

So many exciting things have happened!
THEN, the lady who wants to start the homeschool, who works at Childline set up a meeting with the director of the organization today. Childline is not a Christian organization and the director is NOT a christian but she asked me to teach her about the curriculum and she afterwards (2 hours into it with all the questions) she asked me to consider TRAINING all of their volunteers… the people who answer the crisis line AND the community volunteers who investigate the reports of abuse!
(66 comm vols) and (100 helpline vols)

This organization got 26,000 calls last month and investigates all abuse cases because social welfare has no money, resources or a desire to help.
I am so excited to hear your thoughts about this… but the director felt that if the volunteers are trained in this course they can offer support and encouragement from a place of Biblical knowledge for the families they are involved with and that eventually as this training reaches more and more of the communities it will serve as CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION!!!!
I was so encouraged to hear the interest that a nonchristian heading a nonchristian organization would have in Training Hearts!!

I just wanted to send you the news, in case you were needing a little encouragement today!!

Love you!

PS… they also want to qualify the date and study the effects this training has on the communities so that in the future we could get grant funding to teach it to MORE and MORE families! What do you think???


Rejoicing with Training Hearts for Jesus Graduates!!

I am rejoicing with Regina Jones, as she celebrates with her first Training Hearts for Jesus Graduates from Highfields, Harare!  Transforming homes! Transforming countries!!

Cornerstone in Zimbabwe???

It’s a NEW update from our sweet missionary, Regina!! How exciting! At this rate, there may be a Cornerstone Community School in Zimbabwe soon! Wow!! So Cool!

Hi Sharon!
So sorry that it’s been so long since I’ve emailed! It has been so crazy busy, and everytime I have had free time there have either been power cuts or the internet has been down. I love having internet on my phone, but its not easy to send real emails from that!
I hope things are going well with your family and with Cornerstone! It sounds like (from Facebook) that things are going well!
Our Training Hearts For Jesus class in Highfields is going so well! I just love it… I look so forward to Monday and Friday! The parents are so into the class, they love what they are learning and are actually putting what they are learning in to practice, it is so encouraging! I feel so good about what is happening, and with our next class we are going to implement parent support groups, and I am going to have some of our fabulous students facilitating the conversations. Because our classes now are mostly “lecture” style (because of the language barriers)it will be good to increase the amount of time that the parents can share their experiences and questions. For the first few classes (the whole 14 week sessions) I will be with them in case there are things that come up that they need help with, but I am so confident that they will be able to handle it!
LEAD, the school that we offer the classes at right now just has a preschool and a Bible college, but they are hoping to open a grade 1 in January (grade 2 and 3 if they can get funding) and then each year after that, they will add a grade. They want to have Training Hearts classes running throughout the year and they will require the parents to come to the class! The pastor and director have been so impressed with the changes they have seen in the families!
One of the mothers in the class, has a child in the preschool and another child in grade 3. Her child in grade 3 was really misbehaving. She was really at her wits end and her marriage was really falling apart. She has thrown herself into the class AND since then, church. Her older son is now one of the most excited and helpful kids in Sunday School. I love watching what is happening in their family. The mother has been elected Secretary of the women’s ministry and has signed up at the college for computer classes. She is so full of joy! She is so thankful for Training Hearts, it makes my heart so happy!
Please keep the babies on your prayer list. We have had a difficult meeting regarding social welfare this week and I really need your prayer regarding God’s direction through the government beaurocracy. There is a new baby that was abandoned last Thursday. She was found on the edge of a river in the biggest high density in Harare. She is so beautiful. They have named her Natalie, she was born probably last Wednesday or Thursday. Please keep all of them in your prayers: Evans, Peterson, Kelsey, Panashe, Mary and Tinotenda. They are all such precious gifts from God.
I really want to find a way to have your parents praying for our parents. I need to be able to send you a picture. Its such a bummer, my camera completely broke- we can’t get anyone to fix it- the repair people think that it’s the gears, so when ROCK sends a team in October I am going to send it back with them to get it fixed, and most of the time my internet is SOOOO slow that it’s hard to upload from my camera, but I will try to make it a point to try this weekend when I have more time to spend on the internet!
Please send prayer requests from your class as well… our students here have been requesting them!!

I love you and am so grateful for the opportunity to teach this curriculum here!

Training Hearts is Touching Little Hearts

The babies that Regina speaks of in this following email are healed and healthy, thanks to many of your prayers.  I thought you would enjoy hearing how Training Hearts played a part in the divine intervention for the welfare of these little ones.  In the mean time, Regina and I, and so many others, are still praying that these babies will receive a permanent home with a mommy and daddy who will love them.  Please read on:

Email Update:

Ok Sharon, this is the story of how I met these special babies!! You are going to love this one!

One of the ladies in out Training Hearts class came to our one on one sessio very distraught.  Her 18 year old daughter was pregnant and miscarrying.  This family was on the verge of being evicted from their home because neither this woman nor her husband are working (remember zim has a 90% unemployment rate) and couldn’t afford medical care for her daughter who claimed to be  2-3 months pregnant and miscarrying.  We helped with the medical needs of the daughter (dr visit and medicines) and a couple of weeks later this mother called me and asked if I would come to Harare Hospital with her after class because her daughter Florence had given birth to a premature baby, she had actually been 7 months pregnant and the baby weighed 1.1kg!!

I went with her to the hospital and while I was awaiting permission to go into the room with the incubators I made friends with the nurses.

I asked about the babies across the hall and she told me they were dumped babies and took me in to see them. There were 5 gorgeous babies at that time! The youngest was a 3 days old (left for adoption he was the product of incest and rape) the oldest is Evans. He 10 months old and had never been outside the hospital since the day he was born and dumped on the side of the road.  He still sleeps in The plastic tray that newborns are brought to their mothers in, except he’s getting so big that now he likes to lounge with his legs over the sides!

Each of them had a heartbreaking story that so speaks to the desperation and lack of hope in this nation. I loved them all instantly, but all four of us that were there that day (myself, Nyasha and 2 pastors) agreed that little Kelsey (2 months old, HIV +) was the most beautiful thing we had ever seen. She is so special.  She was found dumped in a maize field and brought to the hospital by social welfare.  She is always happy and smiling and just brings joy to everyone.  She is very light skinned and because she was found in a neighborhood that is known for being “colored” (what mixed raced people are called in zim) they assume that she is probably colored as well.

I came daily to pray with Florence and her premature baby boy (she named him Nyasha and they are doing so well health wise) and would stop in to hold the babies in that room as the nurses from NICU are so busy.

All of the babies are amazing and I have grown to love all of them.  They all light up now when they are held (before it was not that way) and they love to be loved on.

Last weekend the 2 big boys (Evans 10 months and Edward 6 months) had been retested for HIV because they both tested positive at birth and 6 months. This 3rd test cameback negative for both of them! We all celbrated last Sunday when the nurses read the results. But, even as we were celebrating we noticed the babies weren’t feeling well. Edward had a fever of 40 and Evans had a temp of 39. The doctor came to see them and started them on antibiotics. 4 days after having his HIV status changed to negative Edward went home to be with Jesus. He was so very lovely. He laughed all the time and was so proud of himself when we would hold him up in a sitting position, these babies are so developmentally delayed because they lay flat on their backs all day.  I was so shocked and devastated by the news, because he literally died from lack of medical treatment, and yet he has lives his entire life in a hospital.

Evans was still presenting similar symptoms and Kelsey began to as well. Thursday when Edward died I finally threw a temper tantrum with social welfare and demanded that the babies receive medical treamtment or allow us to take them somewhere so that they could be properly treated.  I have kind of filled you in on the rest of the battles with the healthcare.

I just love the way God works. Most people dont realize That there are so many abandoned babies. I am just so grateful that because of training hearts we have met these babies and can stand in the gap for them and fight for them!!!  God is so good. I have several familieswho are interested in adopting and are going to come and visit!! A family who wants to adopt Kelsey was supposed to come see her on Sunday, but we have to postpone until she’s feeling better. Please continue to pray for her and all the babies. We meet more and more of them each day.

Love, Regina Jones, Rock of Africa

Training Hearts for Zimbabwe!

Regina Jones

Gigi in Zimbabwe

Regina Jones is one of the most incredible missionaries I have ever met.  She is young, single and gave up everything to serve the Lord in His call for her to reach the people of Zimbabwe, Africa for Christ.  Knowing that the knowledge of Christ must continue through a life of learning God’s Word and sanctification, Regina began looking for a biblically driven parenting curriculum that would bring the necessary discipleship into the homes of these hurting families.  That’s when she contacted us at Training Hearts for Jesus.  Here are two very exciting email updates that will give you a glimpse into the impact that Training Hearts for Jesus, as orchestrated by Regina, is having on these precious families in Zimbabwe.  Before you read, I want you to know that you can help provide Regina with the necessary curriculum.  If you will consider doing this, please email me at

Email 1:

Hi Sharon,
Well Training Hearts for Jesus, Highfields is going full swing!  We are meeting Mondays and Fridays and people are so committed! They love it!  The family situations are heartbreaking and so I am meeting with each family individually this week to get to know them and to see how we can help.  Some of the women/families I am going to have to meet with on a weekly basis, but God is really moving.
This week a man (who doesn’t come to the class because of work) came to meet the pastor who’s place we are doing the class at and said “Pastor Lovejoy, things at home are different, I think it’s because what my wife is learning in that class, so thank you.” HA! Already! I am telling you, I think we are going to see miracles! The teaching on marriage was DIFFICULT, but SO GOOD! We have about a 35% rate of marital fidelity in class… this is heartbreaking but I think pretty common for Zim, so we are talking A LOT about that!
Talking about how the family unit is the unit for change in a family/tribe/community and nation has been so inspiring.  So many people complain about the condition in this nation, and are praying for a governmental change, when they are unwilling to even change a simple behavior/thought pattern in their home.  There was an awakening in class when we started talking about the results of marital unfaithfulness.  At one point I said, “you all wrote that HIV is a major issue in your family [because so many people have to raise nieces and nephews and other relatives  because of the high rate of HIV orphans] but your government will not eradicate AIDS, but living our sex life the way God commands, certainly will” and you could have cut the tension with a knife… BUT, the majority of the class has said that they never thought about the connection between adultery and HIV—CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!?
Please be praying for us, we have about 40 families in the class at this point, I will get you the exact numbers next week.  We even have some pastors (praise God) and 5 students from the school of ministry are being allowed to take the class as an elective!! Imagine if pastors can catch this material and the concepts! Sharon, you are certainly having an impact in Zimbabwe at the moment!
Please be praying for me, the class is TIME CONSUMING! It is hard because so many of the families are in such distress, but I know that God is moving and I love seeing their faces light up when they catch one of the concepts! We are also laughing a lot in class, which I think is really nice for the ladies in class who don’t seem to have many friends! We are building a community, which is probably the most important part!
I think the students from the school of ministry (who are fairly educated and read well in English) will need the curriculums.  I am probably going to need a few more as well.  So there are 6 students, and I will need maybe 4 more curriculums if possible.  I really need another copy of the DVD’s because mine are pretty scratched from all the African dust in the dvd players! Some of the sections do not play well at all!  Please let me know how we can work that out!
Another exciting announcement is that Nyasha started the school of ministry, he is one of the students in the class and he seems to be pretty interested in the material which is really nice!
I know you were super busy with the end of the school year, but I hope that everything is going well and that you are enjoying the beginning of summer! It is winter here and I am tired of feeling cold already!
Love you!

Email 2:

Families of Zimbabwe

Families of Zimbabwe

Training Hearts for Jesus, Highfields is a HUGE SUCCESS! The parents are committed and we are seeing changes already!  Because of the testimonies from the parents at church and in the neighborhoods people are coming every day asking to sign up for the class, so we are going to have to start another class very soon!!! I am so excited about that!
This week in class (we meet every Monday and Friday) we were talking about the heart of behavior.  (Last Friday) as we went over the material, I try not to get frustrated with how long it takes to teach each thing…. And I am trying to remember that some of this is so important, that if we don’t get it, the rest of the information will be lost, I could see some of the parents with tears in their eyes.  We were talking about the heart as the most important thing.  We took time to stop for questions and when we did, rather than questions (which we usually have so many of them because so much can be lost in translation) we had a lot of conviction.  Parents aching to share what the Holy Spirit was convicting them about.  It was unbelievable.  We had to go WAY over, so that people could keep sharing their hearts and so that we could talk about the difference between condemnation and conviction.  It was SO powerful.
One of the pastors who had been encouraged to come to the class by his mentor, but had not regularly attended came up to me after and said, “I have not taken this class seriously, because n my culture parenting is for the women to talk about and is something that we do haphazardly at best, but I was so convicted today about what I did with my own children.  I will not miss another class, I need this for myself and we need to teach this to our nation.  We cannot keep using culture as an excuse to teach our children ungodly ways”  I was overwhelmed!
We had women share that because they were ashamed of how their daughter had sex so young, they even encouraged them to have abortions, many times leading to death because of infection (abortion is illegal in Zimbabwe so it is done in very unclean and unsafe ways).
We had many parents convicted that they had been more concerned about their child’s education at school than about the growth of their hearts.  People saying that they never thought to read the Bible or pray with their children, because it is so hard to get them to sit still.
Oh Sharon, this class, more than any other has been so difficult to teach and yet the parents ARE grasping the material!  They want to do better.  When we meet for our one on one sessions, they come with questions, examples and they want to know how to make their home a more godly environment. Thank you so much for all you have done for me and for the people of Zimbabwe.  This curriculum is making a huge difference!
I was asked to teach Bible school on Sunday and we started memorizing Matthew 22:37,39 with the kids.  Some of their parents are in the class and they said the kids were trying to teach them and quiz them on the verse!  I love it!
As a side note, I had a terrible flu this week.  I woke up Thursday morning not feeling well and by Friday afternoon I wasn’t sure if I ‘d be able to make it through class, of course.  I prayed about it and felt very clearly that I was to still have class, as much as I wanted to cancel!! But God is so good, and I did make it through class, and Sunday School and class on Monday.  It is now Wednesday and I am starting to feel a bit better, almost human.  My stomach issues seem to be settling down, but I am so glad I didn’t cancel class, I see now  that it was really important to push through!
How are things going on your side? Are you enjoying the summer yet?
With lots of love,
If you would like to support Regina Jones, go to Rock of Africa.
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