Cornerstone in Zimbabwe???

It’s a NEW update from our sweet missionary, Regina!! How exciting! At this rate, there may be a Cornerstone Community School in Zimbabwe soon! Wow!! So Cool!

Hi Sharon!
So sorry that it’s been so long since I’ve emailed! It has been so crazy busy, and everytime I have had free time there have either been power cuts or the internet has been down. I love having internet on my phone, but its not easy to send real emails from that!
I hope things are going well with your family and with Cornerstone! It sounds like (from Facebook) that things are going well!
Our Training Hearts For Jesus class in Highfields is going so well! I just love it… I look so forward to Monday and Friday! The parents are so into the class, they love what they are learning and are actually putting what they are learning in to practice, it is so encouraging! I feel so good about what is happening, and with our next class we are going to implement parent support groups, and I am going to have some of our fabulous students facilitating the conversations. Because our classes now are mostly “lecture” style (because of the language barriers)it will be good to increase the amount of time that the parents can share their experiences and questions. For the first few classes (the whole 14 week sessions) I will be with them in case there are things that come up that they need help with, but I am so confident that they will be able to handle it!
LEAD, the school that we offer the classes at right now just has a preschool and a Bible college, but they are hoping to open a grade 1 in January (grade 2 and 3 if they can get funding) and then each year after that, they will add a grade. They want to have Training Hearts classes running throughout the year and they will require the parents to come to the class! The pastor and director have been so impressed with the changes they have seen in the families!
One of the mothers in the class, has a child in the preschool and another child in grade 3. Her child in grade 3 was really misbehaving. She was really at her wits end and her marriage was really falling apart. She has thrown herself into the class AND since then, church. Her older son is now one of the most excited and helpful kids in Sunday School. I love watching what is happening in their family. The mother has been elected Secretary of the women’s ministry and has signed up at the college for computer classes. She is so full of joy! She is so thankful for Training Hearts, it makes my heart so happy!
Please keep the babies on your prayer list. We have had a difficult meeting regarding social welfare this week and I really need your prayer regarding God’s direction through the government beaurocracy. There is a new baby that was abandoned last Thursday. She was found on the edge of a river in the biggest high density in Harare. She is so beautiful. They have named her Natalie, she was born probably last Wednesday or Thursday. Please keep all of them in your prayers: Evans, Peterson, Kelsey, Panashe, Mary and Tinotenda. They are all such precious gifts from God.
I really want to find a way to have your parents praying for our parents. I need to be able to send you a picture. Its such a bummer, my camera completely broke- we can’t get anyone to fix it- the repair people think that it’s the gears, so when ROCK sends a team in October I am going to send it back with them to get it fixed, and most of the time my internet is SOOOO slow that it’s hard to upload from my camera, but I will try to make it a point to try this weekend when I have more time to spend on the internet!
Please send prayer requests from your class as well… our students here have been requesting them!!

I love you and am so grateful for the opportunity to teach this curriculum here!

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