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The Cannavo Family

Mario Cannavo works as a Hearing Rep for a Christian attorney in Santa Ana and is a very active leader at Compass Bible Church AV.   Sharon Cannavo is a certified biblical counselor through the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors, serving in that capacity at Compass Bible Church AV, along with service in women’s ministry leadership roles and the Navigating Motherhood ministry.  She additionally comes along side school’s administrative teams to assist in strengthening and training the admin’s and staff through a biblical world-view and biblical classroom management.  Mario and Sharon have three adult children including Torre (the one with the bride), Michael (on your left), and Natalie (next to Michael).

Mario and Sharon’s life verse is Matthew 6:33, and they press on to live out the truth of this verse.

Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well.

A Little History:

In 1993, Mario and Sharon Cannavo were in the throws of parenting their two toddler boys and searching out educational options. They wanted something that would give their children an excellent education, but more importantly, would come along side them in training the hearts of their children through the same biblical precepts they were practicing in their home. Not finding exactly what they hoped for, the Cannavos along with three other Christian couples, founded a school that placed seeking after God’s Kingdom as the first priority. This school, Cornerstone Community School existed for 20+ years, for the purpose of educating minds and training the hearts of children so that they could grow to be morally mature adults, equipped to preach the Gospel to a lost and dying world.

In order to promote a unity in spirit among the families at CCS, they realized the importance and value of first training the parents and all teaching staff in the biblical principles of parenting and classroom management.  By combining the wisdom from Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Pastor Tedd Tripp and Child Training Tips by Pastor Reb Bradley, Sharon was able to create a platform for parents and educators to come together and learn these principles.  Training Hearts for Jesus is a 14 week curriculum taught in a classroom setting which combines these two biblical literary works, Shepherding a Child’s Heart and Child Training Tips.  Hundreds of parents have successfully completed this class and gone on to experience victories in their parenting, resulting in families focused on living for Christ, raising children to be morally strong individuals able to be a benefit in their world, and God willing, walk in the image of Christ.

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