Parenting Classes

Parents are empowered by Truth and encouraged in their God-ordained duty to train the hearts and minds of their children through this 14 week biblical study in parenting. Training Hearts for Jesus biblical parenting curriculum uses two main textbooks in order to guide parents through this transforming course. The first book, along with the DVD’s is written and produced by Pastor Tedd Tripp, author of Shepherding a Child’s Heart. Pastor Tripp believes that it is a parents duty to teach their children to think from a God-ward orientation (or a biblical world-view). In his book and DVD series, based on God’s Word, parents learn that it is not about changing behaviors, but about transforming hearts. The second textbook is Child Training Tips written by Pastor Reb Bradley. Pastor Bradley leaves no room for confusion as he clearly defines the issues of the heart and instructs in a way that promotes life-long change. You will be directed through these valuable resources as you follow along with your Training Hearts for Jesus curriculum guide written by Sharon Cannavo, founder and administrator of Cornerstone Community School in South Orange County, CA. To sign up for our Training Hearts for Jesus biblical parenting class, simply contact us and let us know!

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