Personal Parenting Counseling

Many times we work to apply biblical practices in our parenting, yet certain behaviors and heart issues in our children continue to persist and sometimes even increase in intensity. The questions arise, “what am I missing?” or even, “what am I doing wrong?” Reb Bradley writes in his book, Child Training Tips, “every parent has blind spots…” that’s why allowing fresh eyes to hear about, or see the circumstances occurring in your home, either through conferencing or at home visits is so incredibly beneficial for taking your family to the next step in glorifying God and directing family members to a more effective life of loving God and loving our neighbors. At the Training Hearts for Jesus ministry, we make ourselves available to be those extra set of eyes. If you are finding yourself in a place where you think unbiased and biblically centered guidance could help, feel free to register

Parental Counseling 

This involves you and your spouse meeting with Mario and Sharon Cannavo to discuss your parenting. Through this time together we will help you uncover blind spots and determine improved approaches to overcome those areas for the sake of a more effective parenting experience. For more information or to schedule a meeting, please register.

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