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Your Hundred Acre Wood Characters (aka: The Tigger Talk)

Go with Sharon Cannavo on a tour through the Hundred Acre Woods to discover the incredible characters in your home.  Do you have a Winnie the Pooh?  A Tigger?  A Piglet?  God has given each of your children distinct traits and strengths that will guide them into their purpose for life.  As parents, it is our goal to train them up in the way they should go, according to their individual character traits and personalities.  This is a teaching that may change your direction in parenting, and will help you enjoy and appreciate your characters so much more!

3 Tools for Training Hearts for Jesus

In this talk, Sharon Cannavo encourages those who are overwhelmed with the duties of parenting, helping them to understand that when you seek to train the hearts of children for God, He will be faithful to add everything else necessary for thier lives. With three specific tools for training, parents will walk away, inspired to begin the practical application of parenting with a sure foundation. (Podcast available upon request)

 Tracks, Truths and Testimonies

We want our children to grow in wisdom, yet that can be an incredibly overwhelming goal to apply to the life of our toddler. Sharon Cannavo teaches the basics of parenting and the why, what and how in training the hearts of our precious children in the ways and the words of the Lord. She helps parents to simplify this complex goal and bring it into reach, regardless of the degree of a parents own knowledge of God’s Word. Sharon shows how to keep your children on track, in the truth and prepared to be the future testimonies to a lost generation. (Podcast available upon request)

Moral Maturity: the gift of self control

…bring them up in the discipline and the instruction of the Lord (Eph. 6:4b)

The Greek for “‘bring them up’ holds the key”, says Reb Bradley, author of Child Training Tips.  “That word is ektrepho, which means: to rear up to maturity. Maturity is characterized by 3 elements: wisdom, self-control and responsibility.”  In this teaching, Sharon Cannavo expounds on the value, importance and the practical ways you can bring your children to the place of moral maturity.  Mom’s learn there is hope for every child, regardless of mental or physical challenges, to live lives that can honor and glorify their Creator, the one who made them who they are. (Podcast available upon request)

Attention Extension Development

Do you ever wonder if there are steps you can take to train a child in the areas of focusing and paying attention? Sharon Cannavo explains simple steps you can take to help your child develop the skills of paying attention and focusing that are essential in preparing them to be a victorious learner in the years to come. (Podcast available upon request)

Blessed are the Peacemakers

Is the turmoil and chaos between your children making you wonder where the joy in parenting really is? Let Sharon Cannavo lead you through the biblical steps of conflict/resolution. Learn the skills of peacemaking that will leave relationships stronger and healthier than ever before. (Podcast available upon request)

Pure of Heart

As we look into the faces of our toddlers, we can’t help but wonder why some children grow up to be teens that fall into immoral devastation and others manage to maneuver through their teen years with moral innocence? Learn how to train your toddler to become an adolescent who is pure in heart, able to make mature decisions and target the goal of honoring their Father in heaven.

Simply Submission

How do we teach our children that submission isn’t a bad word, when we ourselves sometimes struggle with it? Is there freedom in submission? Hear Sharon Cannavo explain the fundamental truths of the blessings associated with the submissive heart. Opportunities abound for the child that learns how to joyfully submit to his Daddy and Mommy and the other loving authorities in his life.

From Self-esteemed to God-esteemed

Almost 5 decades ago, it became an American obsession to consider our self-esteem. The Country, via the preaching of the glorified psychologists began teaching us about the devastation that would take place in our society if we didn’t focus on teaching children how to have self esteem. Suddenly parents were scrambling to make sure that their little ones would never have to feel badly about themselves. Sharon will share why this opinion has not delivered what it promised and how becoming God-esteemed produces hearts and attitudes of success. (Podcast available upon request)

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