Training Hearts is Touching Little Hearts

The babies that Regina speaks of in this following email are healed and healthy, thanks to many of your prayers.  I thought you would enjoy hearing how Training Hearts played a part in the divine intervention for the welfare of these little ones.  In the mean time, Regina and I, and so many others, are still praying that these babies will receive a permanent home with a mommy and daddy who will love them.  Please read on:

Email Update:

Ok Sharon, this is the story of how I met these special babies!! You are going to love this one!

One of the ladies in out Training Hearts class came to our one on one sessio very distraught.  Her 18 year old daughter was pregnant and miscarrying.  This family was on the verge of being evicted from their home because neither this woman nor her husband are working (remember zim has a 90% unemployment rate) and couldn’t afford medical care for her daughter who claimed to be  2-3 months pregnant and miscarrying.  We helped with the medical needs of the daughter (dr visit and medicines) and a couple of weeks later this mother called me and asked if I would come to Harare Hospital with her after class because her daughter Florence had given birth to a premature baby, she had actually been 7 months pregnant and the baby weighed 1.1kg!!

I went with her to the hospital and while I was awaiting permission to go into the room with the incubators I made friends with the nurses.

I asked about the babies across the hall and she told me they were dumped babies and took me in to see them. There were 5 gorgeous babies at that time! The youngest was a 3 days old (left for adoption he was the product of incest and rape) the oldest is Evans. He 10 months old and had never been outside the hospital since the day he was born and dumped on the side of the road.  He still sleeps in The plastic tray that newborns are brought to their mothers in, except he’s getting so big that now he likes to lounge with his legs over the sides!

Each of them had a heartbreaking story that so speaks to the desperation and lack of hope in this nation. I loved them all instantly, but all four of us that were there that day (myself, Nyasha and 2 pastors) agreed that little Kelsey (2 months old, HIV +) was the most beautiful thing we had ever seen. She is so special.  She was found dumped in a maize field and brought to the hospital by social welfare.  She is always happy and smiling and just brings joy to everyone.  She is very light skinned and because she was found in a neighborhood that is known for being “colored” (what mixed raced people are called in zim) they assume that she is probably colored as well.

I came daily to pray with Florence and her premature baby boy (she named him Nyasha and they are doing so well health wise) and would stop in to hold the babies in that room as the nurses from NICU are so busy.

All of the babies are amazing and I have grown to love all of them.  They all light up now when they are held (before it was not that way) and they love to be loved on.

Last weekend the 2 big boys (Evans 10 months and Edward 6 months) had been retested for HIV because they both tested positive at birth and 6 months. This 3rd test cameback negative for both of them! We all celbrated last Sunday when the nurses read the results. But, even as we were celebrating we noticed the babies weren’t feeling well. Edward had a fever of 40 and Evans had a temp of 39. The doctor came to see them and started them on antibiotics. 4 days after having his HIV status changed to negative Edward went home to be with Jesus. He was so very lovely. He laughed all the time and was so proud of himself when we would hold him up in a sitting position, these babies are so developmentally delayed because they lay flat on their backs all day.  I was so shocked and devastated by the news, because he literally died from lack of medical treatment, and yet he has lives his entire life in a hospital.

Evans was still presenting similar symptoms and Kelsey began to as well. Thursday when Edward died I finally threw a temper tantrum with social welfare and demanded that the babies receive medical treamtment or allow us to take them somewhere so that they could be properly treated.  I have kind of filled you in on the rest of the battles with the healthcare.

I just love the way God works. Most people dont realize That there are so many abandoned babies. I am just so grateful that because of training hearts we have met these babies and can stand in the gap for them and fight for them!!!  God is so good. I have several familieswho are interested in adopting and are going to come and visit!! A family who wants to adopt Kelsey was supposed to come see her on Sunday, but we have to postpone until she’s feeling better. Please continue to pray for her and all the babies. We meet more and more of them each day.

Love, Regina Jones, Rock of Africa

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