Parenting Classes

Parents are empowered by Truth and encouraged in their God-ordained duty to train the hearts and minds of their children through this 14 week biblical study in parenting. Training Hearts for Jesus biblical parenting curriculum uses two main textbooks in order to guide parents through this transforming course. Learn More»

Family Testimonials

Pastor Tony and Breanne WoodMission Bible Church, Tustin CA. With one child having developmental and social disorders, our life wasn’t just hectic, it was overwhelming. However, we believe that ‘training hearts’, through Christ, has done what psychology and medication couldn’t have done, and allowed our little guy to love God and love others.   Our oldest son went from being one of the most myopic, judgmental, and demanding children I’d ever seen.  We now enjoy having a... Read More»

Parenting Discipleship

We at Training Hearts for Jesus reach out to parents through classes, counseling and more, in order that we may share insightful and biblical truths that are essential for the encouragement and edification of biblical parenting. Learn More»
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